"A Singer for all occasions."

Keith Williams a "Singer For All Occasions"


My name is Keith Williams and I am a singer for all occasions and a song writer. 

I own and operate Sunset House Recording Studio in Cool, CA. We do music production and mastering.


I have over 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry.

If you are planning a Wedding, Valentines Event, Birthday Bash,  Mother’s Day Luncheon, Christmas Party, or  a night of Karaoke, then I am the Entertainer who will make any of these events happen with a zing.


I have a plethora of excellent musicians at my disposal so whether you need a duo,trio,four piece,six piece or a full Orchestra, I can make it happen.


You can contact me at

916-276-7490 or through this Web site.


“Music is the heart and soul of us all, just let it in”

       Keith Williams.

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