Owing to the Corona Virus all shows for Keith have been                           cancelled until further notice.

A song written by Keith and Joni Westin, Music by David Bruner called "Why Cant Christmas Be Here Every Day" has been chosen as the title track for an up coming Christmas Movie entitled Hashtag Blessed. Filming starts in November and this movie has been slated for the Grammy's

On December 6th 2020 Keith will will be singing a song he wrote entitled "Heading Home" at the National Cemetery for the Veterans of foreign Wars, the military heads of staff, and the families of all military personnel .


This is an event which should have taken place on May 26th for Veterans Day but because of the Corona Virus this mega event will take place on the above date.


Keith's song Heading Home has been presented to the military as their "Swan Song" by Chaplin Dove and Pink Lady of Pink Lady Presents. This is an event not to be missed. 

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