Joni Westin
                                   Manager Co - Writer, Producer, Photographer , Sound Engineer.

Joni Westin is Keith's manager, writing partner, sound engineer, and life partner, Joni has Co-written two songs with Keith and there are several more in the works.  Her writing talents exemplify a true artist which shows her compositions, and writing aplomb. Her skills are heart felt and meaning full and her sense of timing and phrasing are excellent during the writing process. 

The Lyrics for Heading home, which she Co-wrote with Keith, reflects her passion for the love of the written word and for family values. Joni is simply "inspirational" in her writing techniques with her layout and understanding which shows the art of song writing.  Heading Home (music by Butch Monserrat) is so heart felt, by design, that every time Keith has sung this song there is not a dry eye in the house. This song is a song everyone can relate too at some point in their lives, which is truly heart by the listener.

The triumph and "Coup De Grace", of her writing talents emerged during the writing of their Christmas song "Why Can't Christmas Be Here Every Day (Music composed by David Bruner) . Joni's writing skills truly came to play as this song developed, which really signifies her heartfelt meaning of Christmas. Her warmth and feeling of what Christmas is, is captured by her writing talents throughout this beautiful Christmas song.

"Why Can't Christmas Be Here Every Day", has become a huge success for the writing duo to-date. The song is to be featured in an up coming Christmas Movie entitled "Hashtag Blessed the Movie", which is due out in the fall of 2021. The song has been nominated for The Hollywood Music Media Awards this coming September.

Why Cant Christmas Be Here Every Day, will be sung by Prince Fleet Easton in the Movie as a titled sound track. Prince is an accomplished and outstanding singer / entertainer in his own right and truly sells the song to its fullest in the movie.

Joni has produced several musicals in her home town of Cool, in Northern California. She belongs to a local Theater Organization called C.O.T.A. aka Council Of The Arts and has produced and directed several musical productions to - date. Music has always been in her veins and her producing and directing skills have been a tremendous success to these shows. The musicals to date are Camelot, Grease, Paint Your Wagon, Surfs Up, and Return To The Forbidden Planet. Joni has also directed a mellow drama called Frankenstein Slept Here to name but a few. Joni also produced a Murder Mystery show in the fall of 2019.  

Her Producing skills are also prevalent in the recording studio when she is at the controls as a recording engineer whilst recording Keith. Joni has recorded every single song and Christmas Album Keith has sung to date, with more on the way. Her talents of producing have helped Keith throughout his past and present singing career, in and out of the studio.

Joni has always had a very good "Eye", when it comes to photography, which is evident in Keith's promo publicity photo's. Her eye for detail is unscrupulous and she will not settle for second best. Her skills behind the camera are exemplary.  

Joni Westin is a true talent in every meaning of the word, her experience in song writing, producing, directing, photography and engineering are second to none. Joni is what makes this team so successful.