Tonite is Christmas Eve

Tonite is Christmas Eve is Keith and Joni's latest song for Christmas. It tells the story of Christmas through the eyes of a child. It is full of excitement, and the love and warmth of family. It encapsulates the true meaning of Christmas from a child's point of view.


 Keith's Music Producer Marcus Barone produced the music  for your listening pleasure. . His words sum up the essence, of not only this song, but for Keith the artist and performer.

Tonite is Christmas Eve was the brain child of Joni,  Keith's writing partner, who woke up one morning at 3 am with an idea. She quickly jotted down her thoughts, awakened Keith, and between the two of them they came up with "Tonite Is Christmas Eve." The rest is history.  Our song is available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and 50 other music sites throughout the internet. 

Christmas Eve FINAL with VoKeith Williams
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